Create Healthier Relationships with Food

Don’t Let The Diet Culture Ruin Your Life

Food is a beautiful thing. It brings people together, is a great way to share and learn about different cultures, and preparing a meal can be an act of both love and self-care.

Unfortunately, we live in a world obsessed with aesthetics, specifically body aesthetics. This means that there’s a whole industry (worth $72 billion, to be exact) working hard to make sure you feel like you need to lose weight.

There are millions of jobs on the line and billions of dollars at work with the singular goal of making you feel as though you need to lose weight - but should you really be dedicating all that energy to believing you need to change yourself? If you are on a weight-loss journey, are you going about it the right way?

As a Nutritional Health Coach, I’ve seen and experienced a reckoning within the diet industry, specifically around the diet culture and how damaging it can be. I want to help my clients and community reframe their mindset and beliefs when it comes to food, which is why I decided to share a special workshop on Thursday, March 25th at 11:30 am PDT called Create Healthier Relationships with Food.

This will be a 90-minute workshop and a fee of $10.

Meet Kristin Allen, the Facilitator of Create Healthier Relationships with Food

Hosted by:

New Path 2 Wellness

Learn to Love (ALL) Food Again

Health comes in many shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, we’ve been brainwashed into believing that health means being thin, so as a culture, we’ve idolized thinness - not health.

Do you see hunger as a sign of weakness? Do you believe that feeling “full” is a sign of gluttony? Do you feel like you have to “earn” the right to eat certain foods? Do you believe that losing weight is good, and gaining weight is bad? Do you have a habit of grabbing your stomach rolls, stressing over your cellulite, or forbidding certain foods from your house because you “can’t control yourself” around them?

If these thoughts and behaviors sound familiar, (they were with me) it’s likely that you’re living with an unhealthy relationship to food. Why is this problematic? Because you NEED food to survive and nourish your body!

If you’re ready to start healing your relationship with food and break up with the diet culture once and for all, signing up for this upcoming workshop, Create Healthier Relationships with Food, is a fantastic place to start.

I Can’t Wait to Share With You On Thursday, March 25th at 11:30 am PDT!